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Group Massage

group massage

Experience the ultimate in pampering

Your girlfriends and you are staying in Dhaka for your hen weekend. You’ve spent weeks preparing for your wedding, and now you’ve finally got some free time and all your closest friends are with you to celebrate! Getting a group massage is the perfect way to start your weekend.

Hotel Room Massage

By choosing a mobile massage, you can relax with your friends in the luxury surroundings of your hotel room, rather than wasting time searching for a massage clinic in the city. You can take a shower and have a leisurely breakfast before your massage, making it truly memorable.

Massage Techniques You Can Choose From

Depending on your individual needs, Bly’s hotel massages in Dhaka offer Swedish, remedial, or sports massages. Different massage styles have different benefits. Sports massage can relieve knots and realign muscle and connective tissue if you exercise regularly. If you suffer from poor body alignment or wish to reduce stress, remedial massage can often help. You will love the feeling of comfort, you can experience with a Swedish massage if you’re looking for a great relaxation massage – which would be perfect for hen’s weekend. More About Luxury Spa Gulshan

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